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Friday October 3

Art Petal

lenor barry

Caffetto Arts & Crafts Fair



Song List for
Healer: With A Twist !


Unconditional Mr Teddy - my beautiful Russian Blue

For Ted so loved me that he came to be my friend. He has a profound effect on my life and is smarter than the average bear. He likes to touch my hand and softly close his paw, also he kisses me. The first time Ted kissed me it was so strange, because cats don't really have much lips, and who ever heard of a cat kiss? He planted his little lips on my cheek and he kissed me, it even made a little sound I could feel his little lips pull so softly on my cheek like a kiss from a tiny person . I just could not really fathom that a cat had kissed me, I should have understood it was not a cat, but Ted, who had kissed me. Not long after that, when I had forgotten what he had done, he did it again. Then I knew he had actually kissed me, and it made me incredibly happy.

Ted loves me. So I guess it's all right that I didn't get it the first time.

Behold - The wood has spirit

Channels are interesting. They all have something good to say. When a person feels extremely inspired, I say they are a channel, for source energy. I have remembered many importants listening to them. Importants. Just like it sounds. I could say imperatives. Yes I have remembered many imperitives, I had forgotten...



The right of way - a love song
guitar tabs below

The strangest thing (baby)
happens when
you look my way,
I tremble inside
this common day.

I hear your voice,
even when
you go away,
It orbits in my atmosphere,
where dreams give me away,
in the candle light.
I know you,
You don't mean anything you say,
but that's ok, yes, it's alright,
I'll always
give you the right of way,
as long as I
this way